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Street Scene from Montmartre. Le Moulin a Poivre

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Hand painted copy made by Loek de Winter, Dutch artist, for Sale

Hand Painted Reproduction

Reproduction Street Scene from Montmartre. Le Moulin a Poivre.

Reproduction Street Scene from Montmartre

Oil on Canvas
65 X 34 cm

The oil painting reproduction is hand painted, canvas on stretcher bars
Copy is made by Loek de Winter, Dutch Art Painter. (watch the video of the copy)

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Price of the reproduction € 800 including frame and handling and shipping charges
Price of the reproduction € 600 no frame but including handling and shipping charges

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Impasse de Deux Frèses, Montmartre, Paris

Description of Van Gogh's Painting

This is a view of a lane running off Rue Girardon known as impasse des Deux Frères, which cut the site of the Moulin de la Galette on the hill of Montmartre in two. The Radet and Blute-fin were to the left of it and the Poivre to the right. The gateway to the Poivre , which is decorated with four flags, where people came to eat and to dance. The wheeled windmill which served as a advertising pilar.

Van Gogh's painting Street Scene from Montmartre, Le Moulin a Poivre, is made in spring 1887.

The painting is on a canvas, that was double primed, based on lead white. Its cool white color plays an important part of the appearance of the painting. Van Gogh used his perspective frame, that only covered a part of the scene.

The street scene has a slightly palette from the still lifes that immediately preceded it. There Van gogh concentrated on the secondary colors of violet, orange, and green-blue, but the emphasis here is on the contrast between the primaires blue and red.

Copy is made on the same canvas, and ground, and with the use of the same colors Van Gogh did. > Read more .... References

The reproduction in European Journal (German TV)

The reproduction in European Journal (German TV)

Vincent Van Gogh's work has probably been copied and forged more than that of any other painter of the modern era. The TV-crew came to my house and to make a documentary about this copy and others.

> Click here and watch the European Journal about genuine or fake Van Gogh's

High quality frame

High quality frame

Frame gold colored layer as used in museums. The side of the frame is dark red colored. It suits very well with the Van Gogh paintings.

The frame is from Krutzmann Amsterdam, and is made by framer Bel Ami also in Amsterdam.

You only have to hang your masterpiece on your living-room wall.

> Read more ... framer Bel Ami in Amsterdam

Price of the reproductions

How to order the reproduction

1. Reproduction and frame price € 800

Price is including :
- High quality frame
- Handling and shipping

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2. Reproduction, price € 600

Price is including :
- Handling and shipping

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