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Vincent van Gogh went to live with his Brother Theo in Montmartre, the artists quarter of Paris. His encounter with
the artistic movements there had a profound impact on his work ... take a tour of the secrets of Vincents' art.

About Van Gogh techniques, Paris and about oil painting reproductions


Vincent van Gogh Paintings Project - Art Techniques - Painted Reproductions
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Vincent van Gogh and Paris

Van Gogh Art Techniques
Van Gogh's use of Colors. Pigments and Palette.
Art Supply Store of Julien Tanguy, known as Père or Papa
Artist Colors Van Gogh bought
Vincent van Gogh's Perspective Frame
19th Century Pointillism Van Gogh liked and disliked

Online Overview of Van Gogh's artwork, paintings and drawings
Discover featured Van Gogh Artworks powered by Google
Van Gogh's artwork made in Antwerp and Paris 1886
Van Gogh's artwork made in Paris 1887
Van Gogh's artwork made in Paris and Arles 1888
Van Gogh's artwork made in Arles and Saint Remy 1889

Van Gogh's Friends - Toulouse-Lautrec, Georges Seurat, Emile Bernard ...
Charles Laval
Emile Bernard
Georges Seurat
John Peter Russell
John Peter Russell's Nature in art
Louis Anquetin
Paul Gauguin
Paul Signac
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Biographie Toulouse-Lautrec

Van Gogh Museum - Musée d'Orsay and others
The Van Gogh Dossier : Mad or Genius - Dolhuys Museum in Haarlem

Hand Painted Reproductions. Van Gogh Paintings Project.
Reproduction Pork-Butcher's Shop seen from a window. Hand Painted Reproduction for Sale.
Restaurant at Asnières. Hand Painted Reproduction for Sale.
Reproduction Restaurant in about TWICE THE SIZE
The Seine with the Pont de la Grande Jatte. Hand Painted Reproduction for Sale.
Street scene from Montmartre. Le Moulin a Poivre. Hand Painted Reproduction for Sale.
Overview of reproductions of Van Gogh's artwork

Loek de Winter - Dutch Art Painter


Naturist Art Gallery Experience Nude Art is taken up in the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education

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