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Restaurant at Asnières

During the summer of 1887, Van Gogh often worked in the open air in Asnières, in Paris, suburb lying within walking distance of his apartment in Montmartre. Once there, he painted parks, cafes, restaurants and the river.

This painting of the restaurant is a composition in a limited range of summer colors. The green of the shutters returns in the plant-containers, and the yellow wall gives way to the yellow of the paving. There is some shade: this is the middle of the day. There is no trace of an inscription or sign, but the door, open and also the plants and the outside table all suggest this may be a restaurant.

Oil on canvas
19.5 x 29.0 cm
Paris, 1887
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

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Exterior of a Restaurant at Asnieres by Vincent van Gogh
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