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Art Supply Store of Julien (Père) Tanguy

Vincent van Gogh favored the standard, machine-made, finely woven linen (portrait linen) with a regular and tightly woven structure. With a ground which absorb oil to archive a métier matte. What type of paint did Vincent van Gogh use ...

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Julien Tanguy

Julien Tanguy

Père Tanguy's painting materials shop

In Paris, Van Gogh became acquainted with the art supply store Père Tanguy. The main source of his painting materials. The informal dealer and paint seller was well known for his dealings with avant-garde painters such as Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne and Camille Pissarro. Tanguy's canvases and paints were reputedly of dubous quality, and rather cheap.

Among his new friends Van Gogh counts the painters he refers to as the artists of the Petit Boulevard, Toulouse-Lautrec, Signac, Emile Bernard. Van Gogh envisions creating a harmonious artistic community in which they will all live and work together. In 1887 he organizes a group show of his and his friends paintings at a Paris restaurant. They often gather at Père Tanguy's paint shop, where Van Gogh regularly sees Gauguin.

Tanguy, who generously advances supplies to many young artists, occasionally displays Vincent van Gogh's paintings in his store window.

Vincent van Gogh painted Le Père Tanguy in 1887. Vincent van Gogh frequented the shop to purchase paint and to visit the informal gallery housed in the back rooms.

Tanguy displayed the work of innovators such as Georges Seurat and Paul Cézanne. He also sold Japanese prints. Van Gogh began collecting works of the ukiyo-e masters, and in honor of their shared interest, he painted Tanguy's portrait in front of a selection of famous prints.

The suppliers of Van Gogh's paiting materials in Paris are more numerous. Van Gogh was also dealing with Tasset et l'Hote and he shopped around, visiting several other addresses in Montmartre.

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